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Tara Treasures puppets

One of my favourite presents for my recent birthday was a package of (you guessed it) hand and fingerpuppets!

I was thrilled to discover Tara Treasures, a Melbourne-based ethical felting company, using beautiful merino wool.

While the designers are based in Melbourne, many of the puppets are ethically produced in their Nepalese cottage industry.

The puppets are beautifully crafted with quality materials and have a huge range of designs. I have already used my frog and my kookaburra this week!

They also came with a wooden peg rack for placing fingerpuppets on as you tell a story - what a great idea, as I feel like I am forever juggling puppets if I tell a story with more than two characters!

If you happen to find yourself in Melbourne, you can catch Tara Treasures at the Queen Vic Markets, or find them online at

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