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Blob Opera

One of the highlights of remote learning for me has been discovering (sometimes by necessity) all of the amazing music technology applications and websites on offer out there. The internet truly is a remarkable place.

One of my favourite discoveries for kids of all ages (and I'm including myself in that category) was Blob Opera.

Blob Opera is a Google sound experiment involving 4 "blobs" (bass, tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano) who harmonise with each other at the click of a mouse. By dragging one of the blobs higher or lower on your screen you can adjust the pitch of that blob, and any lower voices will harmonise to that pitch.

You can also adjust vowel sounds by dragging the blobs forward or backward. I actually ended up sharing this with my choir during an online rehearsal in remote learning as a jumping-off point for discussing vowel sounds and their importance in a choral blend.

Blob Opera has a recording function, so my students were able to save their creations and submit them to me as an assessment task.

It also features a "blobs on tour" segment, where the blobs visit different regions of the world and play pre-recorded folk songs and art music from that region. (The shanty singer in me was pleased to see "Wellerman" included!)

Have a play around and see what you think! Your kids (and yourself!) will love it.

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