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2020 Room Reveal

Welcome to my 2020 Music Room!

I have the luxury of space this year, with two smaller classrooms opened up and combined into one large Performing Arts space. I even have two whiteboards!

I also have the luxury of much more noticeboard space than what I've had in the past, so I'm making the most of it with anchor charts!

Here I have posters on note names, form, dynamics, the cycle of 5ths and solfa hand signs.

I also have a Wellbeing Wall with posters about Whole Body Listening, growth mindsets, etc.

and a "We Are Learning" wall, where I post the overall topic of inquiry for each year level

(this is required in all classrooms and can sometimes be a bit of a pain as it isn't strictly Kodaly to say "we're working towards discovering do", but I seem to get away with saying "we're discovering a new pitch")

Finally, I have a noticeboard for any upcoming excursions, performances or happenings with choir and band at the school on the "Buzz" wall.

At the start of each year, I like to spend some time discussing rules and expectations for the music room with my students and we all agree to a code of conduct by signing the poster below with our fingerprint. I then get my senior students to try and turn the end result into a piece of music!

By the door, as students enter and exit the room, they get this powerful reminder that in this classroom, they're not only developing musical skills, but personal ones too.

I like having my resources readily accessible because, as I'm sure you've experienced, our lessons can so often go in a different direction to what we had planned and it is so important to be able to grab that new resource at a moment's notice!

(You can spot Forte the Tiger ready for my first week's dynamics lesson!)

And here is my desk - the epicentre of all planning! My desk is located in the Performing Arts room rather than in a separate office, which means everyone always knows where to find me (usually this is a good thing!)

I'd love to hear about how you've set up your classrooms! Feel free to drop us a line below.

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