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Two Little Sausages

Two Little Sausages is a favourite chant of mine. It's a great one to use as a quick transition when kids have been sitting still for a little too long and need a bit of revving up, a bit of reawakening.

In case you're unfamiliar with the chant, it goes a little something like this:

Two Little Sausages Chant

Students get assigned either "Pop!" or "Bam!" and lie on the floor. When their word comes, they can jump up into funny shapes, like sausages popping in a pan. I like to get a little faster with each repetition and then ask them what was happening to the tempo (good way to introduce terms like "accelerando")

There are some great resources to go with this too!

Sound Thinking Australia have published a book called "Ten Fat Sausages" which is based on the same rhyme, except it begins with ten sausages and gets two less every time! There are also some fun holes to stick your fingers through.

Ten Fat Sausages Book

If you're feeling creative you can also make some sausage puppets to act out this chant while your students perform it as a fingerplay.

You can craft the sausages by cutting out a sausage shape from two pieces of felt, sewing them together, filling with stuffing and then sewing closed the gap.

You can check out Stardust Shoes for more detailed instructions and pictures like the one below:

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