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These are Quietkins. Aren't they cute?

Now, first and foremost, I can't claim credit for this idea, this is something that has been seen floating around various teacher blogs recently, but as they are such a simple craft idea, I couldn't resist posting about them!

Quiet Critters post

The Quietkins can be used during quiet, independent tasks such as tests or quiet listening activities. When they are introduced, students learn that the Quietkins are very shy, and scare easily. Students who are working quietly get a Quietkin on their desk - if they talk too loudly, they might scare their Quietkin back into the jar!

This can be turned into a behaviour management/classroom reward system, or just some cute buddies for your students to play with.

The Quietkins can be made by attaching googly eyes and foam hearts to fuzzy and glittery pom poms with a hot glue gun - super simple!

Foam hearts

I used these foam heart patterns from Spotlight, as the two curved edges stuck out like feet and the pointy tip fixed under the pom pom perfectly!

Hot glue gun and pom poms

Then, simply pop them in a jar and voila!

You can find a template for an editable label here, through Teachers Pay Teachers

What do you use for volume control in your classroom? Drop us a line to let us know!

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