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Step Up - KMEIA's new DVD

KMEIA DVD review - Step Up (for Primary years 2 - 4)

As part of the Step Up Qld mini conference I recently attended, I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of the new DVD from Kodaly Queensland, similarly titled "Step Up".

Step Up DVD features

This new DVD pack from KMEIA is absolutely jam-packed with resources. It features song sheets and analyses of 28 different songs which can be used for a variety of teaching strategies.

There are over 300 printable pages (though let's be environmentally friendly!) of worksheets and materials. These include editable as well as ready-to-print PDF worksheets, song files, appendices such as flashcards and much more!

There is also a whole extra disc featuring footage of real classes of students demonstrating the songs and activities - this can be especially helpful for games and dances with complicated instructions, seeing it acted out in person often helps me understand.

I HIGHLY recommend this resource for music teachers of Middle Primary, especially those who are early career teachers, as this gives so much assistance with content and how to plan it and deliver it.

But even those who have been in the game for many years will find something in here to love.

You can order one through Kodaly Queensland & Sound Thinking Australia

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