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Fruity Rhythms

If you're looking for a fresh way to practice rhythms - be it through reading, performing or composition - then why not add some fruit into your musical diet?

I got this fantastic idea from the wonderful Aileen Miracle at the recent Step Up conference in Brisbane. 

Fake fruit

Students are given a number of artificial fruits and must arrange them to make a four beat pattern. They then speak their fruit pattern and try to work out their pattern is in rhythm names. 

Try to include a variety of different fruit rhythms such as: 

  • Peach (taa)

  • Apple (ti - ti)

  • Watermelon (tika-tika)

  • Strawberry  (ti-tika)

Students can then perform the pattern once again using rhythm names, or can write it down for assessment. 

Fruit rhythms

For a twist on the traditional transcription, you can also use these fantastic rhythm manipulatives from Rhythmically Yours to allow students to transcribe the rhythm they have created. 

Rhythmically Yours rhythm blocks

This makes for an excellent independent activity if you are doing rotating rhythm stations, but can also work for a whole class activity. 

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