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Kodaly for all seasons

I am very lucky to be in Sarawak for the 2019 International Kodaly Symposium just as the Rafflesia flower in Gunung Gading National Park is coming into bloom. This is a rare occurance as this flower takes 9 months to mature and then only flowers for around 4 or 5 days.

Blooming Rafflesia

This got me thinking about the importance of timing and seasonality in music teaching and of making the learning in the classroom relevant to the day-to-day occurances in the lives of our students. Some of the most exciting occurences in their lives are celebrations!

Depending on your location, the religious beliefs of your students, whether or not certain events happen during school time or get their own holidays, you could have a whole range of cultural events to incorporate into your curriculum!

Some special occasions that I have written about in the past include:

Christmas and also here

But there are so many more out there!

What are your favourite celebrations? Comment below or drop us a line at

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