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2019 Classroom Reveal

A new year, a new classroom! Step inside and see where the magic happens. In 2019 I am starting at a new school and have had a fun few days transforming a portable classroom that was formerly the visual art room (which hadn't been packed down yet - folios and paintbrushes everywhere!) into a music-friendly learning space. 

The view from outside: I love this message and I think it sets the right tone for what goes on in my classroom. 

Focused learning area: this is where the magic happens. I love having two mats now (one was never big enough!). I find it helps my students who might otherwise wander to have a specific spot to sit on. 

Whiteboard area

The writing station is a student's one-stop spot for all neccessary writing materials. I keep blank paper for early finishers to compose a rhythm/melody, perform it, sing it forwards while clapping it backwards etc. 

I also love the "sharp pencils/ flat pencils" jars - it saves so much time not having students standing around sharpening! Now they simply place the blunt pencil in the other jar and collect a new pencil from the sharp jar. I check in every day or two to see if any pencils need sharpening. 

Writing station

These are my anchor charts for musical concepts, plus a few behavioural charts, such as my rewards chart and Star Student poster (I've written about those before here)

Anchor charts

Behavioural posters

So much storage! I can fit all of my puppets, auxiliary percussion instruments, glockenspiels and djembe plus all of my odds & sods classroom materials (eg. rubber chicken, paper plates etc.) for teaching in these shelves! The blank space is for the new class set of ukuleles that have been ordered!

Percussion shelf

Puppet shelf

Ukulele shelf

Office space - my hidey hole around the corner!


And of course, the piano! (It has been rather a long time since this poor dear was last tuned - I immediately pulled out my old honky tonk charts!)


Tell us all about your teaching space in the comments below!

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