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Lesson Booklets Available!

I am proud to announce that I have just released a series of my favourite lesson plan packs as booklets available for purchase & digital download through Teachers Pay Teachers (send me an email: if you'd like a physical copy shipped to you). 

Lesson Packs

There are currently 4 booklets available: Bee-themed lessons, Halloween-themed lessons, Night-themed lessons and cat-and-mouse-themed lessons!

Each booklet contains a wide variety of folk songs that fit the theme, all with an in-depth analysis of musical and pedagogical content as well as game instructions where appropriate. 

They also contain a variety of worksheets, a detailed lesson plan or plans, links to other media such as picture books or Art music recordings and, of course, puppets! Each pack comes with a set of sewing instructions and a printable pattern to sew your own puppets to use in the lesson! 

(Don't fret, if sewing's not your forte, you can always purchase these puppets ready-made through my Etsy store!)

Bee, Bee, Bundle of Bees!

Available through Teachers Pay Teachers

Bumblebee Lesson Pack

Halloween songs for a spoooooky lesson!

Available through Teachers Pay Teachers

Halloween Lesson Pack

Mousie songs

Available through Teachers Pay Teachers

Mousie Lesson Pack

Night lesson pack

Available through Teachers Pay Teachers

Night Time Lesson Pack

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