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Today I'd like to talk about a fantastic fun activity that makes for a great summative assessment at the end of a unit - and also a great end-of-term activity for the kids!

"Scoot!" is an activity I have nabbed from the wonderful Aileen over at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room (check it out if you haven't already)

Mrs Miracle's Music Room

It involves posting a series of short prompt cards at various locations around the classroom. All of them have quick and easy questions that practice a certain element and can be answered within a few seconds.

Some examples might be "write this rhythm" which involves copying and transcribing a rhythm using a new element, or "how many beats are in the following pattern?" or "which rhythm best represents the word "watermelon?" etc.

Students then receive an answer sheet and are divided up and sent to one station each. They are given 30 seconds to complete the question before moving on to the next station when time is up.

I try to make this a bit more exciting by using a gong and shouting "scoot!" My year 5's last year had even come up with a scoot dance to move between stations, they loved the activity so much!


This is also an excellent way to get remedial work done with small groups of students who may be struggling with a certain concept - simply allocate a few stations to "teacher work" and send those students there first. They can work through 5, 10, 20 scoot allocations (however many are needed) to catch up on any learning they have missed and can work one on one with you!

To check out some of these pre-made scoot lessons and download the template, check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers here

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