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5 Little Owls

You and your students will have a hoot with this one!

The hooting of an owl is a sound that kids are all familiar with and love to imitate and you know what? That hoot is a great and easy way to get kids using their singing voices!


I love to get these guys out in the first few weeks of prep music to help students to find their singing voices. There's something about the pitch contour of a hoot (starting higher and moving to a lower sound) that naturally puts a child in the right position to find their singing voice.

There are several nursery rhymes such as The Owl & the Pussy Cat or 5 Little Owls in the Old Oak Tree that include hooting noises and which are great to act out with the kids.

You can either download the owl templates from my Teachers Pay Teachers store here (you will need to print and laminate them and then stick some magnetic tape on the back to use them with a whiteboard - I use this one from officeworks)

Magnetic tape

OR you could trace the template onto coloured felt and layer up some felt owls for a fingerplay, similar to the one shown above. So many options!

Do you have any other owl-related songs, chants or nursery rhymes? Give us a hoot and let us know!

In the meantime happy singing, happy sewing!

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