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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICECREAM!

I'm sure that, unless your ears are lactose intolerant, you are familiar with the chant that goes:

I scream you scream we all scream for icecream

This chant is a well-known one, but an activity that goes with it comes from the incomparable Lucinda Geoghegan, director of NYCoS and all-round Kodaly games wizard. You can check out her publications of wonderful games here.

Singing Games and Rhymes for Middle Years by Lucinda Geoghegan

The activity is a kind of rhythm-passing game where all students stand in a circle and must say the chant one syllable per person. If a person speaks out of time or says the wrong thing, they are out and must sit down. I have seen variations where you continue playing with the people who are still in and skip over those who are out OR, a much trickier version where you still include those who are out but they don't speak their syllable, everyone must inner-hear it. Yikes!

To make this extra fun, I have a felt icecream cone that I pass around for students to use like a microphone. This led me to use this chant for a solo singing assessment!

I Scream music

Whilst it can be a controversial issue adding pitch to a spoken chant, I think that if it works for your students, then it's a-ok! I have the students pass the icecream, singing the song and at the end, whoever is holding the icecream has to improvise a short so-mi passage about their favourite flavour. It might be as simple as "I wish for chocolate" or as complicated as "I like mint, if I ain't skint, mint's the one for me" (yes, an actual grade 5 came up with that!)

It's amazing how much of a difference a little distraction like an icecream cone can make. Even the most nervous of singers will suddenly find the confidence to perform in front of the class. That's why I love puppets and props so much - they are often the key to your students' confidence and success!

Do you have a favourite icecream game or a memory of singing this chant? Comment below with your stories!

Icecream puppet
Me with my icecream

To check out the pattern for this cute little icecream go to my TpT store.

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