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Welcome to Kodaly Crafts!

My name is Jenny Ferris and I'm a Melbourne-based primary school music teacher. I have a passion for Kodaly music education, having completed my levels over the last few years and I love finding new ways to improve my teaching.

One of the biggest successes I've had with my classes has been with puppets - my kids absolutely love them! Even the most reluctant singers will find their voice when there is a furry friend to sing to. Puppets add some colour and variety to your lessons and help kids make connections to the subject material in a way that is fun, engaging and often creates a longer lasting memory of that lesson.

In this blog you will find lots of puppet ideas along with easy patterns to create puppets of your very own! All of these are accompanied by some thematically relevant folk songs and a number of activities you can use these new friends for. With activities ranging from 5 minute fillers to full lesson plans, you're sure to find something that will add a little colour and a lot of smiles to your classroom!

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